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Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Home is My PODCASTle

I am one of those freaks who read IT literature even in their spare time. For me it is very relaxing to hear about new and interesting topics. As I love sports such as running or biking, I bought an IPod Nano and then an additional IPod Video (yes, I am running and biking large distances :-) which I both filled up with my favourite music. Shortly after buying the Nano I saw these things called Podcasts in ITMS (ITunes Music Store). I tried it and started to subscribe to different Podcasts. And now, guess what? Yes, I am listening to software engineering related podcasts while running or biking. And here it is, my current Top 5 list of podcasts:

  1. Software Engineering Radio is produced by a bunch of german software engineers, among them Markus Völter. This is from professional engineers for professional engineers.

  2. Ruby on Rails Podcast is for all those who develop Web-based software in Ruby. The experts you can hear are THE top experts in the field.

  3. Security Now! with Leo Laporte and Stephen Gibson. If you are interested in every detail about security issues subscribe to this podcast. This podcast teaches all the important stuff. Absolutely entertaining.

  4. This Week in Tech by Leo Laporte really rocks. It is NOT about software but about IT news in general. Very entertaining. Hear this if you are a real geek.

  5. Scientific American. Normally not about Software Engineering, to be honest. But I must admit that science is another favourite of mine.

What about you? Do you also listen to podcasts? Any programming or architecture related podcast I forgot to mention? I'd be delighted to receive some pointers to other interesting stuff.


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