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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Born in 63, I had the great opportunity to grow up with personal computers. Even around the Eighties Woz and Steve Jobs were already legends for their visionary minds and creations. I liked the first LISAs and Macs but unfortunately could't afford to buy one.

When Steve had to leave Apple in 1985 he created the NeXT which has been an extraordinarily successful machine, not so much from a business perspective but from a creative one.

But his popularity exploded eventually after Steve Jobs rejoined Apple as CEO. Steve Jobs stands for creativity, vision, courage, leadership, charisma. He honestly lived and worked literally day and night for Apple and its users. In contrast to many competitors he gave products not only functionality but personality and style.

What only few people know is that Steve also had a strong influence on software. Not only on UI topics but also on programming languages, operating systems, and many other aspects.

I personally have never been an Apple "fan boy" before I bought my first iPod, but now I love their products. However, I must confess that other mothers also have beautiful daughters. Nonetheless it is evident that Apple has always been the driver of amazing innovations that were frequently copied by competitors.

That's the reason, why I want to thank you, Steve. Many things we take for granted simply wouldn't exist without you. I fell deep respect for you and your work. I am sure, you'll always be unforgotten as one of the leading personalities in the IT Hall of Fame. And I really hope, your spirit will always persist within Apple.

The last thing I learned from you, although this has been a sad and bitter experience is: Carpe Diem! And that we should see the people behind and in front of all these nice products.

Send my greetings also to Doug Adams. So long, and thank you for all the apples!


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