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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Podcast on Software Architecture

For those of you capable of understanding German, I’d like to point you to our new Podcast on Software Architecture called Software ArchitekTOUR. You may also search in the ITunes Store for the podcast and find it – for example, search for ARCHITEKTOUR in the podcast category.

The Podcasters are

  • Markus Völter (freelancer, associated with ITEMIS)
  • Stevan Tilkov (innoQ)
  • Christian Weyer (thinktecture)
  • Michael Stal (Siemens)

To stay in touch with reality we have split up the podcast in three subcategories:

  • General Architecture Topics (sponsored by IBM)
  • Java and Software Architecture (sponsored by innQ, itemis, thinktecture and Siemens)
  • Microsoft Technologies and Architecture (sponsored by Microsoft)

There are already 4 episodes available. Episode 0 is more intended to introduce ourselves. Episodes 1-3 cover patterns in general, as well as patterns in Java respectively .NET.


Listen, enjoy, and give us feedback


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  • Would it be possible in future to perhaps have a similar podcast in English, as there isn't any other podcast resource on the web that focuses exclusively on software architecture such as your podcast.

    Many thanks

    By Anonymous Edward Maluleka, at 11:53 PM  

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