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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Upcoming Events

I am in vacation for several weeks now. Nonetheless, I havent't been lazy :-)
One week ago I participated in a panel discussion at this year's ECOOP conference in Berlin. The panelists, among them celebrities such as Martin Odersky, Judith Bishop (moderator), Tiziana Margaria, Gilad Braha discussed "OOPS in the next five years - the hot topics". All of the panelists tried to argue from different perspectives introducing topics such as Dynanmic Languages or Service-Orientation, My key points were more driven by my industry background. I don't believe in Silver Bullets. Thus, I guess, OOP will experience some significant improvements integrating other paradigms such as functional programming and providing advanced features such as traits. However, I anticipate specialized OOPS solutions for specific domains. I also assume, we will have to live with other paradigms, due to the different kinds of impedance mismatches we are experiencing in every day projects. And I am sure, someday a new paradigm will evolve that is going to integrate and extend OOP.
In my vacation I also had to prepare for my two OOPSLA 2007 tutorials. The one on high quality software architecture covers process principles, architectural principles and quality properties relevant for achieving high quality in software architecture design. The preparation of my second tutorial on Software Architecture Refactoring was far more challenging. I thought, there should be a lot of material available on this issue. To my big surprise, there were only a few sources on that issue (which I already covered in a previous posting). Most sources refer to code refactoring such as introduced in Martin's excellent book. Architecture Refactoring deals with semantic preserving transformations of the software architecture itself. In my tutorial I will come up with some general concepts, a catalog of architecture refactorings as well as some words about how architecture refactoring relates to other disciplines. If you'd like further details, you might want to listen to the OOPSLA podcast (see episode 5) where Bernd Kolb from Software Engineering Radio interviewed me a few weeks ago.
In my OOP 2008 presentations I will also talk on Software Architecture Refactoring. Moreover, I will prepare a one day tutorial on .NET technologies for building SOA applications.
Note, that I won't be able to participate in this year's JAOO conference. I hadn't been invited as a track chair but Ted Neward asked me whether I'd be able to give a talk on Enterprise .NET. However, there is such a lot of private affairs and Siemens internal work that I cannot make it this year.
Thus, I am looking forward meeting some of you at OOPSLA.


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